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Yamaha Three-Cylinder Cross-Plane Concept


Yamaha has intrigued the bike world with the unveiling of a prototype three-cylinder engine at Cologne, sparking some wild speculation by saying it comes with a cross-plane crankshaft.

Ducati Multistrada 2013 Skyhook technical


There are two main technical advances on the 2013 Multistrada. One is a package of upgrades to the engine, but the second is the real headline: Ducati Skyhook Suspension, semi-active electronics have arrived in motorcycles!

BMW K1600GT torque comparison


Considering BMW`s claim of huge torque figures at low revs for the new K1600GT (full riding review here) and the GTL, which has an identical engine and drive line, it`s something of a surprise to find the bike demands a downshift or two to accelerate sharply when overtaking.

How ABS works


It`s still commonly thought that ABS works by comparing the speeds of the front and rear wheels, releasing brake pressure if these should differ significantly. This is wrong.

Ducati 1199 Panigale Engine


Ducati`s 2012 Panigale 1199 is powered by the most radical engine seen in any production motorcycle.

Bosch ABS testing


The adoption of ABS on bikes is years behind the car world. Across Europe only a third of bikes over 250cc is fitted with it, while one in 33 smaller two wheelers have ABS. Yet almost all new cars have it, so what`s going on?

BMW Semi-Active Suspension DDC


BMW is the first company to announce semi-active suspension for motorcycles. The new system, called Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) will be appearing on 2012 models as the next logical step forward from the existing ESA II electrically adjustable suspension.

BMW K 1600 TFT display


Yet another innovation on the BMW K 1600 machines is very obvious from the saddle - the TFT display screen. TFT stands for Thin Film Technology, and while it`s a form of liquid crystal display, it differs in an important aspect.

Désaxé engines


Kawasaki`s 2011 ZX-10R Ninja is bristling with state-of-the-art and new technology, but like so many ideas, some can trace their roots back a very long way. The Ninja`s engine uses a désaxé layout, which means the centre line of the cylinders is offset, and rather than crossing through the centre line of the crank as on most engines, it passes 2mm in front of it, on the exhaust side.

BMW K 1600 Adaptive Headlight


How do you get a headlight beam to stay level when a bike is leaning over? That`s what BMW has managed with its latest raft of world-leading technology on the K 1600 series.

Honda Dual Clutch Transmission


Rather oddly, Honda stresses that the new Dual Clutch Transmission fitted to the VFR1200F is not an automatic transmission, but electronic manual transmission. Yet it patently is automatic!