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Kevin Ash

KTM is back pitching at BMW's R1200GS with its 2013 1190 Adventure, and the new bike has a much stronger road bias than the old Adventure.

The V-twin engine is a development of the LC8 unit which powers the RC8 superbike, and in this new Adventure guise makes148bhp (150PS, 110kW). Torque is 84lb.ft (12.7kgm, 125Nm), although rpm figures have yet to be released. Service intervals are set at 10,000 miles (15,000km), the same as Triumph's Tiger Explorer.

A big advantage is the bike's weight, claimed at 507lb (230kg) with a full tank (whose capacity we don't yet know). This is less than the current air-cooled R1200GS and well shy of the Tiger Explorer's 261kg.

KTM 1190 AdventureKTM 1190 AdventureThe electronics package includes multi-adjustable ABS and electronic suspension (using WP forks and shock), and includes off-road settings as well as various road ones. Tubeless tyres on 19 inch and 17 inch front and rear wire-spoked wheels are fitted, while the footrests, seat height, handlebar position and screen are all adjustable.

KTM 1190 Adventure RKTM 1190 Adventure RThere is also an Adventure R version with a stronger off-road bias. This weighs an additional 5kg and comes with crash protection bars, 21 and 18 inch front and rear wheels and longer travel suspension. It also features a different seat and cut down screen.

The first image of the 1190 Adventure (left) was published for a short period on KTM's website, apparently by accident, although the timing coincided with the release of details about Ducati's new Multistrada, suggesting it was designed as a spoiler. Plenty of information about the bike has been available previously too.

The bike generally has a familiar, angular KTM look, albeit conservatively done, but the brochure image shows a tall and unattractive headlight, similar to the hated 'lozenge' light on BMW's R1200ST from 2007. No prices have been announced other than a statement that the 1190 Adventure will be competitive with its main rivals.

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I'm very interested in this bike and I've got some high hopes for it, enough to put a deposit down - same as the new GS.

Do you know when the press launch is yet please?


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I do indeed, I'm off to Tenerife on Feb 3-5 to ride it, so the review should be on here very soon after, probably Feb 6. Really looking forward to it, it looks like it could be a whole lot of fun, best power-to-weight ratio in the class.

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Oh, Kev, what a tough job you have... ;-)

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Kevin. We know it will have bonkers power delivery but will it have a more ballistic midrange than the MTS?. We will wait your conclusion and summary with our usual patience. Fun times for new TallRounders.

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What I would really like to know, and what would make me change from my current 990ADV, is 3 things: How similar to the SMT is the non R version
and 2: What is the wind buffeting like?
On my 990 ADV the buffeting is horrible, on a certain usa based forum there are several hundred posts and no real conclusion, regarding different designs of screen to alleviate the poor aerodynamics of the current bike. Its so bad that I will not ride it on a windy day (we have periods of quite strong southerly winds here in nz)
I appreciate that you and I are different sizes Kev, Im 6' with a 32 inseam and buffeting is going to be different for different sized folk, but if you could make a stab at raising and lowering your head as you ride at say 85mph and see what the effects are on the 2 bike versions I would be very very grateful (test rides will be hard to come by here...)
The 3rd thing is fuelling: The current 990's are poor at fuelling steady low throttle openings. this means town riding and any off road is 'surgey' and annoying after a while.
However the rest of the bike including its fantastically absorbent suspension is wonderful!
The MOST comfortable and capable suspension compromise Ive ever encountered!

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I'll be looking out for all that stuff, and I'll start a thread in the New Bikes section for these questions so I can get them all in one place...

I'll copy these across too...

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