Kevin Ash Fund eBay listings

Please come and look at the items I am selling on eBay to help fund the girls' continuing education.

Motorcycle clothing mainly, and some bike bits, including panniers.

Please, please, please follow me (tooweeler) and watch the items and buy some, or at least make an offer. It all helps to make more space in the garage and clear stuff I really don't need.

Kevin Ash Fund eBay listings

Thank you very much,

Racing is money wasted


It`s time for the motorcycle industry to have a serious think about its priorities, because they're looking bizarrely skewed right now.

Awful Industry Viral


Viral videos usually work because they're shocking, funny, very witty or show something unusual or dramatic happening. It has to be enough to get whoever sees one to forward a link to friends and connections, who hopefully do the same.

Why stricter drink drive laws are wrong


The news is that the Scottish government is to lower the drink-drive limit as a priority, bringing forward plans to introduce a 50mg limit in place of the current UK-wide 80mg limit.

Tridays 2012


The TriDays event in Austria is the newest of the one-brand bike gatherings, and it's probably the most eccentric.

Piaggio X10


We've had a glut of big capacity scooters with high specs this year, like BMW`s new C-series, Aprilia`s mad SRV850 and Yamaha`s all-new T-Max. How can Piaggio's 350cc X10 compete?

Route 66


Back in the 1980s a friend and I were thumbing through an American motorcycle magazine when we saw a picture that`s stayed with me ever since.

MV Agusta F3


When Claudio Castiglioni bought MV Agusta back from Harley-Davidson in the summer of 2010 he must, surely, have wondered at his good fortune.

Moto Guzzi V7 Special


Moto Guzzi`s thoroughly revised V7 Special is hardly lacking in authenticity. Not only is it built in the same factory as the original V7 machines of the 1970s, its engine is directly developed from the V50 of the same decade.

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