'Our Story', by volunteers at the Shakespeare Hospice

'Our Story' is a short film produced by the Shakespeare Hospice and their volunteers with the aim to raise awareness on childhood and teenage bereavement. It has recently been entered into the Charity Film Awards, and it would be much appreciated if you could take a minute out of your day to vote for 'Our Story' and spread the word.

Click here for the link to 'Our Story'

Thank you,

Ingrid Ash

[Ingrid is Kevin's youngest daughter. Kevin Ash was killed in a motorcycle accident whilst testing in South Africa over five year's ago, in January 2013. The Shakespeare Hospice, in Stratford Upon Avon where the family live, has provided support to her and the rest of the family. Ingrid has volunteered to work there to help others who have also been bereaved. They have made the film shown here to help raise awareness of the issues of bereavement in children of school age, and it has been nominated for an award.]

Kevin Ash Fund eBay listings

Please come and look at the items I am selling on eBay to help fund the girls' continuing education.

Motorcycle clothing mainly, and some bike bits, including panniers.

Please, please, please follow me (tooweeler) and watch the items and buy some, or at least make an offer. It all helps to make more space in the garage and clear stuff I really don't need.

Kevin Ash Fund eBay listings

Thank you very much,

Ash on Bikes motorcycle gear garage sale shop now live

After many hours sifting through the garage, taking pictures, searching the internet for descriptions and wondering how much things are going to cost to package up and post, we can now announce that we are ready!
Come and check out the Ash on Bikes motorcycle gear garage sale shop.
It's first come, first served, so get in quick.
We are only geared up to dispatch to the UK, but if you are desperate for something to be dispatched abroad, then send an email.

Auction at Silverstone

On the 9th August 2013 keep your Friday night free and head down to Silverstone racetrack to bid in an auction in aid of the Kevin Ash Fund. A ride-in will take place into Silverstone and a commemorative lap will be open to anybody who wishes to take their bike around the circuit (but get your tickets quick because the spaces are limited). The auction will follow and then live music.

Kevin Ash (1959 -2013) - Tributes from friends and colleagues

Erin Baker, Head of Motoring for the Telegraph Media Group, delivering her tribute at Kevin Ash's funeral

.... by Erin Baker


Ten days after Kevin died, I gave birth to my second son. It's been a stark reminder of that old cliche, but nonetheless profound truth, that life goes on.
Since my son was born, Caroline and I have been emailing each other at strange times of the night, me because I'm kept awake by a squawking baby, Caroline because she has had an overwhelming mountain of stuff to organise, so this tribute to Kevin is just as much a tribute to Caroline, a formidable woman; as she told me - I am Kevin, just female and a lot, lot shorter.

Kevin Ash (1959 -2013) - Tributes

Caroline and Laurien

By Caroline

My Kevin, I have lived with you for many years, but not nearly enough.

I remember so clearly the first time I saw you. I fell in love with you and our relationship began without any hesitation.

My fondest memories of those early days are always of you arriving on your bike to pick me up- both of us enjoying the mad fast bike journeys together (we were often late). I remember clearly seeing you ride towards me over the bridge and each time it filled me with so much joy.

Kevin Ash (1959 -2013) - the Eulogy

Kevin Ash: 1959 - 2013

A Service to Celebrate the life of Kevin Ash
Held on Thursday 28th of February 2013 at 1.30pm
In the South Chapel Oakley Wood Crematorium

The Eulogy:

Kevin was born on the 10th of December 1959 in Ilford, to his parents Margaret and Dennis. The family would be complete when Margeret and Dennis celebrated the arrival of Kevin`s sister Elizabeth.

Honda CB1100 2013 review


Honda has raised the bar with the new CB1100: it's not just the style which is retro, the handling and engine have been given an old school flavour too.

Fukunaga CB1100 Interview


Hirofumi Fukunaga is what Honda describes as the Large Project Leader for the CB1100 development, meaning he has full control and the final say on every aspect of the design. He talks about the development of the bike.

Triumph Tiger Sport


Triumph has unveiled the keenly awaited Tiger Sport, and the changes have been much more extensive than expected, including a single-sided swingarm and an extra 10bhp!

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