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With the kind permission of Motor Cycle News, I’m now archiving my weekly MCN Tech Watch technical features here.

Simon Hargreaves' Tech Watch Archive

Tech Watch Articles reproduced with kind permission from Simon Hargreaves.

Big Piston Forks


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Kawasaki

BMW S1000RR valves

BMW_S1000RR_03By Kevin Ash

Pictures: BMW Press

Brakes: What's stopping you?


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Milagro, Double Red, press various

The Cross-plane Crank


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Yamaha Press

Ducati 1198 Technical


Ducati Traction Control - DTC

By Kevin Ash

Multistrada Testastretta 11 Degrees


Ducati calls the engine fitted to the 2010 Multistrada the Testastretta 11 Degrees. What does that mean?

Honda C-ABS


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Honda Press, Ian Kerr
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell


There are two basic types of electric vehicle, those powered by batteries and those which use fuel cells.

Inertial torque


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Yamaha Press, Cyborg, Caterham

Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact technical

Metzeler_Sportec M5_21

The key to Metzeler`s Interact technology lies in the 120 or so steel chords which run around the tyre`s carcass.

Moto Guzzi Concept Heat Pipes


The cool-looking finned heat sinks on either side of the Guzzi concept bikes' headstocks are there for more than just the style: they use what's known as heat pipe technology to take excess heat away from the motor, improving emissions and allowing a higher power output.

Moto Guzzi Concept Inconel Exhaust


Another innovation on the Guzzi concept bikes is the use of space age material Inconel for the exhaust pipes.

Running In


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Castrol, press various

Speed Camera Calculation


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Sussex Police, copyright free

Suzuki GSX-R1000 technical


By Kevin Ash

Pictures: Suzuki Press

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