Aprilia Caponord 1200

Kevin Ash

This is new Aprilia Caponord, the bike the Noale factory hopes will stake its own claim in the increasingly crowded adventure class.

The Caponord uses the same 1200cc V-twin fitted to the Dorsoduro 1200, developed for better economy and smoothness but thought to produce a similar output at 128bhp.
No details are yet available but it's likely the bike will get a full electronics package probably including including semi-active suspension, along with traction control, switchable ABS and engine maps and cruise control.

Full details with lots more pics here at ashonbikes.com on November 13.

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Joined: 08/04/2011

At last!

An "Touring" bike that I'd consider trading my trusty Tuono for. Not a moment too soon Aprilia, as I was in danger of developing warm feelings about a BMW....

Joined: 05/08/2009

Saw this at the NEC last week. It is gorgeous with a proper (not elevated) seat height. Looks well put together but why have Aprilia not endowed it with shaft drive which they could source from Moto Guzzi? Personal taste but I don't go a bomb on wheel tapes. That apart, build quality looks good and if the price is right it should sell but if it is priced to go up against the Multistrada, GS et al then it'll sit in showrooms until heavily discounted.

Captain Scarlet
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I quite like the wheel tape, but I'm a bit of a tart like that really. The forks and shock certainly look quality don't they? I like the headlight unit and fairing, in fact the overall silhouette is very nice too.

I agree with you, with a Jookarti or Beemer badge on it they could charger whatever they like, but it's got to be about 20% cheaper than the Skyhook MTS to make it a viable Adventure-Sports alternative if they want to sell in volume.