Pictures for sale

The following pictures are all for sale. They were donated to raise funds for the Kevin Ash fund established by the Telegraph.

VR46: 3 x black and white sketches

Valentino Rossi

3 x black and white sketches.

Frame: 795mm x 312mm

Kenny Roberts and Alex Criville: colour drawing

Kenny Roberts and Alex Criville

colour drawing.

Frame: 643mm x 486mm

Aaron Slight RC45: colour photo

Aaron Slight RC45

colour photo.

Frame: 758mm x 562mm

VR46 and Max Biaggi: limited edition signed colour print of painting

VR46 and Max Biaggi

limited edition signed colour print of painting.

Frame: 888mm x 717mm

Joey Dunlop: photo montage

Joey Dunlop

photo montage.

Frame: 1058mm x 760mm

VR46 photo: World Champion 2001

Valentino Rossi

photo: World Champion 2001.

Frame: 1144mm x 772mm

Donate to the Kevin Ash Fund

Kevin's funeral was held on Thursday 28th February 2013 and was well attended by family, friends and colleagues.

The Telegraph has very kindly established The Telegraph Kevin Ash Fund to assist with the education of Kevin's three daughters.

If you'd like to make a donation then you can use the PayPal 'Donate' button below which will allow you to donate from your PayPal account, or via credit or debit card. A small percentage (about 3.4%) will be retained by PayPal for the service.

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Kevin's family have been touched by the generosity and messages of support from people using the website and would like to express their gratitude to those who have contributed in any way.

The donations keep coming in, thank you so much, and the family especially like it when you leave a message.