Men Ride to Spain

By Kevin Ash - 21/10/2011

One bloke and two don‘t knows are going to ride to Spain on motorbikes.

The bloke‘s on an R1 with what looks like a swastika and death‘s head on the side so he could get a mixed reception. The other two are on blokey bikes too, but theirs are pink and they even have pink leathers, so they‘ve got to be a bit unsure about which side of the bat to play off, you‘d have thought. They could get a mixed reception too.

A Yamaha R1

Or it could be just scraping the barrel because none of them are famous enough to be recognised but it‘s the best the bike industry could do, so they made them wear pink to make people look. You‘d have thought arriving on bikes that look like Wall-E the Robot would have been enough.

Piano salesman hoping his wife doesn't notice her underwear is missing

One of the don‘t knows used to be the rear half of a pantomime cat or something when Kajagoogoo were in the charts, while the other one runs the last Yamaha dealership in England, though he probably sells pianos because no one buys their motorbikes anymore. Oh, except Riders for Health which uses Yamahas for riding about in Africa, which is nothing to do with the fact this is in aid of Riders for Health, oh no.

R1 to get new 2012 Nazi graphics option. Not in all markets though.

The bloke makes a living talking about motorbikes, so he‘s going to be interesting company, isn‘t he.

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