Ducati Multistrada S - 2011 ECU remap

By Kevin Ash - 22/02/2011

This feature has been withdrawn for the moment as it turns out I was given the wrong engine map!

My Multistrada Touring S was taken in to the Ducati workshop to have the new 2011 ECU map uploaded (flashed), a move designed to deal with the surging throttle response complained about by some owners.

Due to some confusion between the press office and the workshop, the map uploaded into my bike was not the 2011 version but an interim map produced last year for riders especially bothered by the surging, who were prepared to put up with the substantially increased fuel consumption this entailed.

The economy was indeed worsened substantially, dropping from 45.5mpg (16.1km/l, 6.2l/100km, 37.9mpg US) to 36.6mpg (13.0km/l, 7.7l/100km, 30.5mpg US) at a steady 85mph (137kph), a fall of almost 20 per cent.

The throttle response itself was almost flawless, aside from a very minor hesitation in Touring mode at lower revs when opening the throttle from fully closed.

The new map is due to be installed in my bike in a few weeks, I'll write a new feature as soon as it is, after putting the bike through another fuel economy test.

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