By Kevin Ash - 25/09/2012

BMW has unveiled a high performance version of the S1000RR called the HP4... as if the class-leading superbike needed any upgrade!

A new all-titanium exhaust system has reduced weight by a hefty 9.9lb (4.5kg) and with engine management changes has boosted torque in the 6,000-9,000rpm rev range. Peak power is unchanged at 190bhp (193PS, 142kW). An additional 5.5lb (2.5kg) is lost through the fitment of new forged aluminium wheels, bringing the total wet weight down to 439lb (199kg).

The bike is world's first to be fitted with dynamic damping control, which alters the damping rates automatically depending on how the bike is being ridden, with no direct input from the rider.

The ABS system has been uprated, in particular with changes to 'Slick' mode to improve performance in race conditions, in what BMW calls the IDM setting, named after the experience gained in the International German Superbike Championship. The latest Brembo 9X callipers are fitted at the front. The new 200/55 ZR 17 rear tyre is controlled by a remapped traction control system with finer adjustment than before, giving the facility to make fine adjustments in Slick mode to match different track conditions.

Another first on a BMW is the addition of launch control. This operates only in Slick mode and it limits torque and controls wheelies in order to maximise acceleration off the line. A quick shifter is fitted as standard.

The dash has been uprated to include additional information such as the DDC set-up and traction control settings along with launch control activation. Cosmetic changes include a single seat look, longer two-part engine spoiler, a tinted screen, LED indicators and HP4 logos.

A competition package with various carbon fibre parts, adjustable footrests and folding handlebar levers is also available.

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