BMW Brake Recall

By Kevin Ash - 16/10/2010

Recall Hysteria Inflates BMW Brake Issue

BMW has issued a recall of 122,000 bikes to rectify a potential fluid leakage problem in the front brake system. No accidents have been reported and the problem is being dealt with in the standard way by letters to owners from dealers to have new parts fitted at their convenience. But with the media still wound up by its self-generated frenzy over the huge recent Toyota recall, this is making the general news when normally it wouldn‘t get a mention outside the motorcycle press, and even there at other times only as a small paragraph.

The problem is a slight leakage, which over time in theory could eventually lead to brake failure if both the leak and the falling level in the brake reservoir weren‘t noticed, nor the increase in brake sponginess before total failure. There is not a risk of a sudden and catastrophic loss of braking, and despite the large numbers of bikes being recalled, the problem is affecting very few of them.

BMW shares are unaffected and the motor industry is making many other routine recalls which are being highlighted this year only because of the big Toyota one, just as many were made last year, and will be next year too...

One of BMW‘s brake suppliers, Brembo, has pointed out the components behind the problem are not theirs. So that‘s alright. Bikes affected are R1200 twins and K1200 fours made between August 2006 and May 2009, not one of which has had an accident because of this.

Expect hysteria from the bike press too...

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