'Our Story', by volunteers at the Shakespeare Hospice

'Our Story' is a short film produced by the Shakespeare Hospice and their volunteers with the aim to raise awareness on childhood and teenage bereavement. It has recently been entered into the Charity Film Awards, and it would be much appreciated if you could take a minute out of your day to vote for 'Our Story' and spread the word.

Click here for the link to 'Our Story'

Thank you,

Ingrid Ash

[Ingrid is Kevin's youngest daughter. Kevin Ash was killed in a motorcycle accident whilst testing in South Africa over five year's ago, in January 2013. The Shakespeare Hospice, in Stratford Upon Avon where the family live, has provided support to her and the rest of the family. Ingrid has volunteered to work there to help others who have also been bereaved. They have made the film shown here to help raise awareness of the issues of bereavement in children of school age, and it has been nominated for an award.]

Kevin Ash Fund eBay listings

Please come and look at the items I am selling on eBay to help fund the girls' continuing education.

Motorcycle clothing mainly, and some bike bits, including panniers.

Please, please, please follow me (tooweeler) and watch the items and buy some, or at least make an offer. It all helps to make more space in the garage and clear stuff I really don't need.

Kevin Ash Fund eBay listings

Thank you very much,

Excel Motorcycle Show 2014

Caroline on the California Superbike School DucatiCaroline on the California Superbike School DucatiArriving at the Excel Motorcycle show by car did not feel right. My excuse was that the weather was atrocious with very strong winds and there for coming by car did seem the better option.

Oh, and I haven’t got a bike, so it wasn’t a realistic option anyway. The car park was heaving with cars, but not a bike in sight; a bit worrying. I was wondering if I had come to the right place.

Walking up to the ticket control, I handed over my ticket. I was as excited as a child let loose in a sweet shop. It was most disappointing to have my ticket returned and refused entry. I have travelled two and a half hours and I cannot go in? What sort of cruel trick is this? The man pointed at the sign which read clearly in bold letters that this was the entrance to the diving and waterspout show. Ah…I had not spotted that. That felt a bit silly, say the least. I make a mental note to get my eyes checked next week.

Back in the saddle

Kevin and Caroline Ash

This article was published in the Motoring section of the Daily Telegraph on Saturday February 8th 2014. I like to thank The Daily Telegraph to allow me to publish the article on my blog and on Kevin's Ashonbikes website.

After the tragic loss of her husband last year, Caroline Ash has returned to riding.

Women are like tea bags: you don't know how strong they are until you drop them in hot water. Well, if anyone passed the Tetley test last year it was Caroline Ash, the wife of Kevin Ash, our motorcycling correspondent, who was killed last January when the BMW R1200 GS he was testing in South Africa crashed. Caroline, a petite Dutch woman with the strength of a lioness, was suddenly left a widow, with three daughters to provide for, few means to do so and a lot of unanswered questions about what happened to her husband.

My day on a Yamaha TT R250

Caroline on a TT R250

Not a usual Monday today. This was a Monday to look forward to, an excellent tone setter for the week. Jonathan, a good friend of mine, was coming round with a trailer and bike to pick me up for my first off road riding session.

I was not ready of course, as I could not decide what to wear. Typical girl, I know. What does one wear for off roading, which one happens to have lying about in the garage? I tried Kevin's off road helmet, but I could turn my head round in it, so no good. I settled for Jonathan's helmet and his, for me, oversized jacket, which he kindly lent me. My Triumph over trousers would have to do. How much padding would I need? Hopefully there is enough in them. Secretly, I hope I will not get them dirty, as they are so lovely. Boots are next. I only have one pair, which have started to crack, but will hopefully survive today. Gloves are more of a problem. I have one Triumph glove left as I dropped the other near the Grand Canyon, riding Route 66 with Kevin two years ago. After a rummage through Kevin's gloves, which were quite obviously too large, I decide to use the snug fitting gloves signed and donated by Bradley Smith for the Kevin Ash Fund. They fitted me perfectly. I must have man-sized hands. Shocking. Does anybody want to buy some gloves worn and signed by Bradley Smith, and now me?

Ashonbikes website future

Caroline Ash

Over the last year, since Kevin passed away, not much has happened on the website. I have been too upset to do much about it. I needed time to think where I was going with my life and what to do with the website. I now feel more focused. The site can not stay as it was intended, so I would like to move the ashonbikes website into a new stage of its life.

Kevin Ash laid to rest


Yesterday, 22nd January, a year after Kevin’s death, the girls and I held a small ceremony at the graveyard in Stratford upon Avon where we laid Kevin to rest. It was only attended by us and my sister Marian, who kindly took some pictures.


Kevin's last lap - pictures

Silverstone parade lap dummy grid

Kevin's family would like to say a huge thank you to all who made Friday night such a success. They very much appreciate all your help and support.

The parade laps around Silverstone started off the event, thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part, and by all who watched from the paddock. It was a fitting tribute to Kevin, who's family heavily associate him with the track. Caroline absolutely loved her own lap, which saw her get on a bike that day for the first time in over 20 years.

Kevin's last lap - 9th August at Silverstone

It's all on - Friday 9th August 2013, Silverstone - an evening to remember. Drag yourselves along, everybody else is. Find out more details and buy your tickets here: Kevin's last lap at Silverstone, 9th August 2013.

As a way of a remembering Kevin Ash his wife Caroline and MCN Road Tester Adam Child have come up with `Kevin`s Last Lap`, which will be held at Silverstone International Circuit on Friday August 9th 2013 from 4pm onwards.
There will be an auction in aid of the Kevin Ash Fund (set up for his daughters` education) which will be hosted by BBC F1 presenter Suzi Perry, a personal friend and colleague of Kevin who worked with him at the Telegraph.
The evening will start off with the chance for you to ride your bike around the Silverstone International Circuit. There are 300 spaces available for the lap, and this will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis. This lap will not cost any extra to the ticket price of a £5 donation.

Following in Papsie's wheel tracks

Kirsten, middle daughter, has been doing a stint at MCN, where she is known simply as 'Ash', and has had her first article published
Suzuki launches new V-Strom 1000 website - By Kirsten Ash.

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