Honda in DN-01 Sale Shock!

Honda_DN01_01A Honda DN-01, probably the same one as the man bought, I mean, there can't be many around, can there?* The motorcycle world was rocked recently by news that Honda has sold a DN-01! According to sources, who also claim to have seen a DN-01 outside a motorcycle show, Honda hasn't even secretly registered it as a demonstrator or added it to its press fleet of 50 DN-01s, but a man really bought it of his own free will.

The man, who is married to a woman, claims to have chosen the DN-01 because he looks good on it, but then Ashonbikes' own sources know that when the man once had 10 Gold Leaf cigarettes stolen from a coat he'd left hanging up, he took the empty packet back to the corner shop to complain. Obviously he's a few cogs short of a full gearbox, which probably explains his choice.

Even though he wasn't asked, the man said: 'The DN-01 is perfect for my sorts of journeys as it includes heavy traffic, dual carriageways and the odd stretch of motorway.' Stretches of motorway which will look a lot odder with a DN-01 on them...

A spokesman for the Honda dealer which sold the man the DN-01 said. 'We saw him coming.'