Man Buys KTM

KTM_690DukeA KTM Duke 690 very similar to the one bought by a man, except his was the black and white version which I don't have a picture of at the moment* A man has bought a KTM Duke, which he rides near to where he lives. He says it looks pretty and although he was expecting it to be light, nimble and ideal for town use, it's much more, including being agile and capable of manoeuvres he could not perform on other bikes. He also says it is steerable, although if he rode other bikes he'd probably find they're steerable too.

In fact if they weren't they wouldn't be much use to anyone.

He does seem to have a problem with the KTM though as out of town it takes his breath away. He finds that lowering himself on the bike helps it to go faster, although if he'd bought a more powerful bike he wouldn't need to do this. He said he had a wide grin at one stage, but the sound of the engine enlarged this to the point where it threatened to catch the wind and lift him off the bike. Presumably he was wearing an open-faced helmet, known to be less safe than a full faced one, thereby setting a bad example to his friends.

He added that the KTM reminded him why he rides a motorcycle, suggesting some memory issues.

The man appears on television sometimes to talk about cars.