CBR 250

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Whilst at Kent M/Cs today for my test ride on the Crossrunner I was loaned a CBR 250. I had forgotten how much fun a small bike can be a cruising speed of 80MPH could be easily achieved and the handling was excellent. I'm sure with a lighter rider on it would be even better. It was a bit like riding a 2 stroke in that it needed the revs to be kept up and it had no engine breaking.
It certainly seems to be an excellent bike for a young rider to get into biking on at low cost

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Re: CBR 250

A good excuse to plug my Honda CBR250R review, but yes, I agree completely. It's a different world of conserving momentum and riding flat out sometimes, but there's a lot of satisfaction in that. I suspect though there's some novelty value in it after years of bigger bikes which would wear off after a while. The effortlessness of bigger bikes makes life a lot more relaxed.

How di you get on with the Crossrunner btw?